* Two sane, straight, adult artists are looking for a place to rent in St. Augustine *

Having separately outgrown our current accommodations, we’ve decided to join forces and find a suitable place to share. Our careers are expanding, so we need to buckle down and concentrate on work.

I’m a retired commercial artist and Macintosh computer consultant – my friend is a professional acoustic concert musician and music educator. 

We’re looking for a condo or a house that won’t require much yard work as we’re both pretty busy. December would be a good time for us to move in. 

The ideal location would be furnished, well-lit, and cool, with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen, good light, no cats and safe space to store our equipment and art supplies. Either elevator access or a ground floor location is important.

We’re both allergic to cats and we don’t smoke, but we do want good AC and ceiling fans, that shouldn’t be much of a problem here in Florida. We also love to cook, so we’d like a real kitchen.

We’ve lots of references, good social habits and play well with others. All reasonable offers will be considered. 

Please keep us in mind and email me if anyone finds a suitable place.


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