We’re on the verge of making this work, the only thing in our way is us. 

The reason it looks that we’re running out of resources on Earth is because this planet is just an egg; a beautiful, embryonic shell that humanity has to outgrow in order to evolve.

We’re an interstellar organism just leaving the womb. We’re gods manifesting in a universe that’s currently impossible for us to understand.

We have everything we need – intelligence, tools, materials and dreams. The only thing that can prevent us from being a success in the universe is ourselves or the inevitable meteor impact.

Hatred, poverty, fear, war, scarcity and ignorance are obsolete, artificial and unnecessary.

The single most important thing we need to do right now is get to off this rock and continue to reproduce. In the process everything else will be taken care of.

But, If we stay here, we’ll end up as just another layer of geological debris covered by meteoric slag.